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Folsom Prison

Page history last edited by Barry Brown 10 years, 8 months ago

Written by Barry Brown

Burlington, Ontario, Canada


(Sung to Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash)

ITIL Change Management Version 2



I hear the boss a comin’

He’s got a great big frown,

I didn’t raise an RFC,

And the mainframe it’s still down.


I only made a code change,

Didn’t take that long.

Now I’m stuck in Folsom Prison,

I wonder what went wrong?


Don’t need documentation,

Don’t need no back out plan,

Cause when it comes to changes,

Well baby I’m your man.


Why would I need to test it?

Testing ain’t my thing,

Now I’m stuck in Folsom Prison,

Wearing Bubba’s ring.


The CFO is angry,

He’s angrier than hell,

He says that if he goes to jail,

I’m gonna go as well.


I didn’t think he meant it,

But he’s as mean can be,

Now I’m stuck in Folsom Prison,

My life is history.


The system it’s still busted,

And it’s not coming back,

I should have known that ITIL,

Would save me from the sack.


I should have done the courses,

I should have read the books,

Now I’m stuck in Folsom Prison,

Living off my looks.


The moral of this story,

If you care to take a look,

Is always raise an RFC,

And read the ITIL book.


It tells you about Changes,

The CAB and CAB/EC,

Now I’m stuck in Folsom Prison,

With no planned FSC.


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