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This is the marketing text of the book

Page history last edited by Ivanka Menken 10 years, 8 months ago

The IT Professionals Complete Songbook

This great collection features all songs wrITten and sung by IT Professionals Worldwide, specially transcribed here for aspiring singers, from the actual IT Professionals, in the original keys. Each song includes "sing to the tune of" and complete lyrics. Also features a helpful singing guide and a full discography.

This one gets IT right: if you're used to getting IT Professionals songs from the internet, save yourself a lot of time, effort, and printing and get this book.


ITs format is excellent, and the fact that the original songs are used makes the song sound right from first note. There are almost no errors in placement of the songs words, and the lines of each song means you're going to be singing the right form of each song listed.

You will wear this book out, figuratively. IT's the best value for the buck you will ever come across. IT even helps you appreciate more the creativITy IT Professionals show in their songwrITing.

There is no way to be disappointed as long as you understand that this one is for "Sing (Wing IT) to the tune of" and singing the lyrics; IT only does that but IT does IT perfectly.

This is the book IT Professionals have long prayed for. This is the best resource and a far better tool than looking up songs (which don't even exist!!!) online. The book provides the original songs and makes each song recognizable when you start to sing IT. The book has done a real service in providing the correct form for the lines in each song.

This book will undoubtedly delight IT fans and will certainly draw in people who are just becoming familiar wITh IT. You will learn the songs and will soon be happily singing along as you belt out IT Professionals's favorITe songs!

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